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Investing in
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Our emotional health is important to God!

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Is the current buzz about Emotional Intelligence (E.I.) training for leaders at leading universities like Harvard, Columbia, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Case Western University, University of Pittsburg, and the University of California Medical School beneficial for church leaders to notice? Can ministry leaders benefit from E.I. training? Of course, as leaders, we would want to be aware of such a powerful emerging movement because of its dramatic influence on our culture. But is there a benefit beyond being aware of E.I. as a cultural trend? The Bible indicates there is.

My doctoral research about emotions and the emotional struggles of church leaders resulted in development of a training program to increase leaders’ effectiveness. The Biblical E.I. training we offers has demonstrated itself to be effective, transformative, and powerfully beneficial for leaders. E.I. training changed my life and saved my ministry. — Jeff

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How and why I became so invested in this topic.


Jeff and Joyce have been married for 38 years. They have two children and four grandchildren.  Jeff has been in pastoral ministry for 39 years.  Jeff and Joyce have seen the benefit of E.I. in their marriage, family, church, and relationships with others. In her work as an Independent Certified Health Coach at Optavia, Joyce successfully uses E.I. to help clients have healthy emotions and a healthier body. Jeff’s E.I. research was begun amid a crisis with the desperate need to survive. It has helped him and the other leaders he trained not only survive but now thrive. They are better leaders. We would love to show you how Biblical E.I. can help you.

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